PlacementTracker Announces New Feature

SAN DIEGO - March 17, 2003 - PlacementTracker is pleased to announce PIPE Performance Research, a new set of search features which allow premium subscribers to analyze how the structure, pricing and dilution of a PIPE affect the stock performance of a company raising capital in a PIPE.    With these features, users can search market performance and PIPE information since January 1, 1995, to see which PIPE structures and terms have had the most direct correlation with future positive or negative performance post-PIPE.

PIPE investors and agents can use this information to help present public companies with PIPE proposals that are beneficial to companies while still meeting investment return objectives for investors. Investors and traders can use this information to get a better gauge of how the structure, terms and dilution of a PIPE can have a short-term performance impact on stocks in which they currently have a position or are interested in taking a position.

To find out more about more about the new PIPE Performance Research tools or any of the other valuable features of our premium subscription services, please contact us at 858-200-2395 or at to schedule a demo or ask any questions you may have.